Episode 1

Published on:

21st Jan 2020

We've Started A Podcast - WHAT WERE WE THINKING!?!

Ok, here we go... SHOW ONE! We're having a lot of laughs, telling stories, playing clips and trying to settle in to this new reality!

Subscribe now (pretty please?) and hear this week's Earth-shattering discussions, including:

Lepers in Hawaii

McDog's almost band - and some wicked impromptu fretless guitar

Why the hell is Anand calling in from Kentucky?

The secret truth that Kayla (aka Millennial Grrl) likes beards, even though her BF can't quite grow one

Texting other people in the house, because... Millennial

Who remembers Prince and Bowie? And are there any actual legends in today's music world? (Oh god not DRAKE??)

Dead people who keep popping up on Facebook ... will it ever end?

Is Madonna really elevator music now? (Hint: we prove it :)

Muk Bang! (Whatever that is!)

We us ASMR as our excuse to try new snacks - MMmmm - could it be the munchies?

Does Anand wash his hands after using the toilet?

Once Upon a Time in LA - was it really all downhill for Quentin since True Romance?

Why the hell don't people over 40 bother to finish their... (sentences?)

(and that's just THIS WEEK! - stay tuned)

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About the Podcast

What Were We Thinking!?!
A Funny, Irreverent and Thought-Provoking Comedy Talk Show!
Hang out with aging hipsters Ian MacDog, Anand Bhatt, The Millenial Grrl (Kayla Lynch) and me, Earl Epstein! Have a laugh. Cringe, groan and raise a brow occasionally as we try to keep the wheels from falling off the show!

Talk about chemistry! A middle-aged Jew, a Scotsman, and an Indian guy - lifelong buddies who forgot to grow up - and a Carribean millennial girl with attitude. We laugh about our bizarre lives, the latest news, rumors and trends (and annoy some pretty unusual guests. in the process)

We do it all to 'massage' that tense brain of yours back to having a sense of humor, after enduring the pain of 'normal' life for yet another week. (Cue porno 'massage' music)

Think of us as your own gentle but effective mental laxative, "Fuckitol". (People who listen every week become 'regulars' :)

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