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14th Feb 2020

Springsteen, DeVito or Maron... Sorry, no:) (This week: Tough movie decisions, Millennial bad boys, Kayla's Uber boyfriend, Highest paid actor, Tik Tok, the Vatican's new tech, The Joker, Bernie Saunders, colonoscopies, Cool people from Jersey - DeVito, John Stewart, Springsteen, and Maron, can we get Frank Zappa's kid on the show?

Getting high BEFORE picking the movie

Kayla and her millennial bad boys

Is it racist to say 'ricer'?

The Millennial Girl get's 'picked up' by an Uber driver - and they go out!

Who is the highest paid actor in the world? (hint: Jackie Chan is number 2)

White power's perversion of the OK hand symbol

Medium rare steak tartar in Amsterdam - but you won't find it on the menu

What the hell is Tik Tok??

The Vatican releases the E-Rosary - tech revolution or thinly veiled cock-ring?

McDog whips out the crippler. (or at his age, the cripple?)

Earl STILL hasn't seen The Joker - He's a Marvel guy

Anand asks "Why eat heart healthy when a heart attack is a nice fast way to go"

Do it yourself colonoscopies!

Can't we just elect Bernie Saunders for a year or so? ...he's old.

US immigration and Canadians who smoke weed legally getting banned

Dweezil Zappa is coming!

Remember how the PMRC made Explicit Lyrics COOL? ...anyone? Beuller?

Millennial boomers

What are millennials like in India?

Earl accidentally tells Anand to 'go back to India' - and Anand says Earl's picture is too Jewwy

Can you make money with voice acting?

Update on our mysterious porno director, Bojak. He ALMOST calls in, but ends up BLOCKING our number!

How low will we go to get listeners?

McDog misses The Polkadot Door. No one knows what he's talking about

All this and much more random bizarre (funny) nonsense, and deep deep insight!

Stay tuned!

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