Episode 2

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23rd Jan 2020

Somehow We Made it Through Two! (This week: Dollar-Store Butt Spray, A Cure for Sneezing, Trap Music, Blackface, Mozart's fetish, Aliens, The Princess Bride

McDog brings in "Poo Be Gone" ass spray/toilet deodorant, and we are obsessed with it. Naturally :)

Friends of the show MOPA Dean and GF Giulia Mondell call in to talk about our big night out to see live baroque classical music (courtesy of Taffelmusic). We get down and nerdy with it.

Some how we compare it to Trap music. More coffee.

Anand shocks us by disclosing that Mozart had a poop fetish!!

Earl explains how he secretly loves to make his dad's hearing aids squeel.

The Millennial Grrl takes on the question of brown-face and how people don't ask themselves 'What were we thinking??'

We address the horrors of badly timed sneezing - and teach how to emergency suppress a potentially disastrous sneeeeeeeeze.

We get a call from a mystery guest who may be secretly running his own 'cam room' while on the call with us.

Anand suddenly needs to know what the HELL "brown-face" is :)

Suddenly we're debating if it's ok to go to a costume party with brown makeup on, if you're ACTUALLY of 'brown' ancestry. This can't end well :)

Will there actually be a REMAKE of the PRINCESS BRIDE movie??? Rumours.....

The US military finally admits there ARE UFOs - But cleverly renames them so no one notices. In an interview, we hear The Donald explain that many pilots are 'very fine people' too :)

McDog recounts the fateful night his brother ended up passed on an emergency-room toilet - vanishing without a clue.

And finally : The Anti Secret. The first instalment of the story of our friend, the accidentally famous porn director, who ditched our show this week, so we roast him about his ability to turn good luck to bad luck- and hear about his guest starring on the Stern show - with nothing to say.

We were old and got tired. So we went for Subway sandwiches.

Stay tuned for more!! (And thanks for giving us your ear!)

(Now we need to come up with show THREE. What were we thinking??)

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